HVAC Maintenance contract philosophy and strategy
Site survey-asset

RAWAJ AL YASMEEN TECHNICAL SERVICES L.L.C Engineers will pursuance physical site survey, capture asset’s data record it to establish our own data base and compare it with our client’s record, coordinating with costumer’s technical department to have required documents, drawings, operation-maintenance manuals, and all necessary information.
Site survey and asset data verification period takes (Two to Four weeks).

HVAC Services
Contract Sustainability &

RAWAJ AL YASMEEN TECHNICAL SERVVICES L.L.C understand the importance of sustain our performance from day one of the annual contract till last day of it, to enable us to meet the needs and expectations of our customers on long-term, balanced by an effective management organization by organization staff awareness by learning and applying appropriate improvements, innovation.
In fact, our company goes beyond sustainability to continuous systematic development, and improvement through:

1- Giving technical-HVAC training courses to our technicians and engineers on a regular basis (Quarterly).
2- Create our own Standard Operating Procedure data base (Generally for PPM, and specifically for each single breakdown), those SOPs are updating a long with contract’s period.
3- Study and analysis of the variable data of the client’s scope of work throughout the term of the contract, and devising flexible responses to meet the said variable data.

PPM-Schedule & Implementation:

Preventive Maintenance is identified as CIL (Cleaning, Inspection, and Lubrication)

During the survey period, RAWAJ engineering department will create:

1- Annual PPM schedule in full coordination with the customer’s technical department.

(Annual PPM-Schedule)

2 – SOPs for PPM of each element of the HVAC-Annual Contract (AHU, FAHU, FCU, Chilled Water Pump Station, Suction Fan, Heat Exchanger, Auto or Manual Air Damper, and any other asset)


3- Check List for PPM of each element of the HVAC-Annual Contract (AHU, FAHU, FCU, Chilled Water Pump Station, Suction Fan, Heat Exchanger, Auto or Manual Air Damper, and any other asset)

(AHU- PPM Check List)

(Heat Exchanger- PPM Check List)

Digital Check List & Reporting/Yallaa CIL- (optional):

Due to the rapid change in market requirements and because the traditional system of checking list & reporting is no longer commensurate with the size and speed of the growing requirements of the client, RAWAJ AL YASMEEN TECHNICAL SERVICES L.L.C has tended to digitize the reporting and check list processes with full access authority to the client to view these reports and check lists through an integrated software App ‘YALLAA CIL’ supported by analytical dashboard giving the client effective holistic view, and more accessible information to understand and review online our work effectiveness level better. This is where we start to see the digitalization of reporting and processes checklist meeting and enabling these needs as a 1st technical service company in UAE following and applying that approach across UAE cluster. (Yallaa attached presentation for more details)

A simplified explanation of the digitization of the checklist and reporting processes

1- Mobile App (technician & operator tools)

To Complete Field PPM/CIL inspection with an evidence history Yallaaa’ is using the field technicians scan unique QR code with a smartphone to uniquely identify each inspection position conformity. Yallaaa’s QR code scan provides an access to the consolidated CIL checklist based on PPM management practices on the scanned object, and an accurate inspection to fill out with photos as evidence of checking process for our client.

(Mobile App)

(Asset QR)

2 – Client’s Dashboard:
The function of Yallaaa’s dashboard is to provide real-time PPM Inspection results by aggregating and extracting value from all the data we collect through activities on shift-floor. It simplifies your PPM/CIL data into more manageable chunks of visual information that allows client to see what we are doing and where we should improve.

HVAC-Annual Contract’s Maintenance Team Categories:

RAWAJ AL YASMEEN TECHNICAL SERVICES L.L.C has three different maintenance team to response to costumer call based on the urgency of the situation:

1-Emergency Maintenance Team (EMT): This team will respond to the emergency call immediately (24/7) with a separate phone contact number, and will attend the scene of the accident, we consider the emergency call where there is a danger to human or assets directly and the thing causes loss or potential hazard. (Response time 20-60 mints)

2-Urgent Maintenance Team (UMT): This team will respond to the urgent call within duty time through landline or technical department contact number, we consider the urgent call when there is reasonable priority (VIP, or this urgency will turn into emergency if don’t react). (Response time 2-8 Hrs).

3-Routine Maintenance Team (RMT): this team is always present on the site to follow daily customer complaints, and implement routine & planed activity.